Senior Product Management Officer (Amman – Jordan)

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) is seeking a Senior Product Management Officer in (Amman - Jordan).

Join us as a Senior Product Management Officer, at the heart of our product team. This role offers you the chance to be at the wheel of our product lifecycle, guiding ideas from conception, and shaping strategies, all the way to execution and launch. SPMO is a strategic leader within the product management department. This role is responsible for overseeing the entire product lifecycle, from ideation and strategy to execution and launch. The SPMO will work cross-functionally with development, design, marketing, and sales to ensure products meet user needs, align with business goals, and achieve market success. Also, gather product requirements, prioritise feature implementations and improving overall user experience, in addition to track and monitor product execution while development to make sure that requirements are being met.


  • Develop and implement product strategies aligned with the company's vision and market opportunities.
  • Conduct market research and user analysis to identify product opportunities and define product roadmaps.
  • Prioritize features and functionality based on market needs, business goals, and technical feasibility.
  • Create and maintain product roadmaps that outline product vision, features, and release timelines.
  • Lead cross-functional teams (development, QA, design, marketing, etc.) to bring product ideas to life.
  • Work with development leaders to define technical requirements and ensure product development stays on track.
  • Collaborate with UI\UX to create user-centric and visually appealing products.
  • Manage product development timelines and budgets.
  • Oversee product testing and user feedback loops to iterate and improve product features.
  • Manage product launches to ensure a smooth and successful rollout.
  • Analyze product usage data to identify areas for improvement and inform future product iterations.
  • Communicate product vision, strategy, and roadmaps effectively to organisational stakeholders.
  • Translate research data into product features and prioritization.
  • Get involved Specifying market requirements for current and future products by conducting market research using multiple channels supported by ongoing calls and visits to customers and prospects.
  • Create detailed feature descriptions.
  • Get involved in evaluating current products and recommend product enhancements and updates to identify new business opportunities.
  • Supervise and coach junior members.
  • Develop user stories and define clear acceptance criteria and requirement forms.
  • Build strong relationships with cross-functional teams to ensure efficient collaboration.


Required Skills  

  • Familiarity with market research, consumer behaviour and marketing techniques
  • Hands-on experience with web technologies
  • Knowledge of project management tools

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems or a similar field
  • Minimum three years of experience in managing the entire product lifecycle.

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